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El último abrazo, project description.

Some years ago two letters dated 1946 came into our hands. Their author announced his imminent suicide, due to the negative effects of the war and the Nazi, Germany concentration camps, where he apparently lost his family. El último abrazo (“The last embrace”) is a short documentary film about the reconstruction of this man’s life. A research that depends primarily upon historical documentary sources and the few people who might have known or heard about him. And the only clues in order to do it come from these two farewell letters, where he says good bye to the world and to his addressees. “Sending you the last hug” are his last words and hence the title of the documentary.
Hopefully the truth about this man will be out during the investigation. We might find him and thus understand through his eyes the cruel reality of a generation of Spanish men and women who lived war, exile and desperation during the mid-20th century in Europe.

1936-1946 was a dark and sad period in European history and, particularly, in Spanish history. Both Second World War and Spanish Civil War altered forever the life in the country. Thousands of Spaniards were forced into exile and ended up in nazi concentration and extermination camps. After the war, 1945, those who survived came back to Spain. However, they found a country where republicans were not very welcome by Franco's regime, a world where they did not belong anymore.
It is our wish to tell the story of this man because he represents a whole generation of Spaniards who was devastated and just fell into oblivion. This documentary pretends to be a kind of tribute and an act of justice in memory of the people who suffered the consequences of war, abuse and violence.
The estimate budget to produce El último abrazo is 4.600 €. The contributions we are asking for will be used to cover the following costs:
-Our team: scriptwriter, director, producer, cameras, editor, translator and music composer.
-Travel expenses: probably to Germany (Bergen-Belsen concentration camp), Madrid and other Spain locations.
-Taxes and campaign charges.
-Perks: purchase and delivery costs.
We are at a good point in collecting information and the release of El ultimo abrazo will depend on the evolution of our investigation. The shoot is scheduled between December 2013 and January 2014.We reckon to issue the documentary by may 2014.

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